Social Media Optimisation

Social networking sites allow users to share ideas, opinions, activities, events and interests within individual networks. It has total of 33 million unique Indian visitors. Hence, it provides you ample opportunity to listen and engage with your customers through various prominent social media channels.

social-media-optimisationWe share compelling content across various social media platforms to engage users, inspire social sharing, increase followers and boost branding. We consistently track relevant names and hashtags related to your company and its properties so that all users mentioning them will be recognized and engaged with. We remain up to date with all competitors and their social media platforms to ensure your organisation consistently leads social content and sets trends in the duty free industry.

A mix of original and curated content is published on Facebook including increased activity where and when necessary.

Twitter responses to comments and/or queries will be as immediate as possible and crafted to appear as original commentary.

This social platform features a strong mix of content that has been shared on the Facebook page, Twitter page and LinkedIn account. We will assist in devising a relevant strategy for use of this platform to increase fans, traction and engagement.

An array of activities will help increase brand value of your organisation. These activities include : Post status updates, Add a LinkedIn share button to site content, Add a LinkedIn follow company button to site, Promoting page on other social channels, Set up and manage groups, Join groups, Create polls within group amongst others.

Tube Channels
Platforms like Youtube and Vimeo will be populated appropriately as and when video content is made available

We provide a monthly report that analyses both quantitative and qualitative data for social media sites under consideration.

We create social media content and sharing calendar, which will be dependent on scheduled Marketing activities, promotions and events. We advise you on relevant activities, including marketing and PR, as related to social and digital media activity and influence. We also research and propose relevant campaigns, contests and blogger/influencer activations, to further strengthen brand recall, fan and user engagement, and to assist in revenue generation and media coverage.